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The FIDO BAG® Program


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These are staggering statistics...

... An estimated half a million pets are affected by fires each year in the United States

... More than 40,000 of our family pets die from smoke inhalation alone.

Ever wonder what happens to your four-legged family members once firefighters secure the humans from danger?  

... After much investigation, we found out that the First Responders priorities in an emergency are PEOPLE, PETS, and PROPERTY, in that order! Fire departments that have received our FIDO BAGs® and the associated training now feel confident they have the tools to give our pets the best chance of survival in these emergencies.

So, what are the appropriate tools?
... Oxygen is the first thing any living and breathing being needs after being in a fire. Since fire departments are only equipped with human emergency supplies, the oxygen masks available are too flat and small to fit a pet’s face. The star feature of the FIDO BAG®is a specialized breathing apparatus that is formed to fit any pet’s muzzle. This specialized cone-shaped oxygen mask allows for a secure seal on the pet’s face giving them the breath of life. Many pets also receive injuries and burns during a fire or accident. Therefore, specialized burn sheets, bandages, rinsing saline, and protective restraints are also in the FIDO BAG®. Once the pet is stabilized, collapsible water dishes are filled and cuddly toys are kept at hand to comfort the pet while in route to the local animal hospital.

How do we get The FIDO BAG® into the hands of First Responders?

... YOU are the key to the FIDO BAG®Program’s success. By sponsoring a fire department, a FIDO BAG®, or giving a simple donation, we can supply your local fire departments with these life-saving tools that may one day save your best friends life! With your help in supporting the FIDO BAG® Program’s initiative, fire departments can immediately treat pets with smoke inhalation and injuries.

How do they know how to use it?
... Saving a pet’s life requires special training. When a FIDO BAG®is donated, the recipient fire department is given in-depth training by a qualified, licensed veterinarian. The fetch Foundation would like to thank Animal Health Services in Cave Creek, AZ and Dr. Cliff Faver for the training provided to our volunteers and so many fire stations. Rescuers are taught how to administer oxygen, how to perform first aid for injuries, how to administer life-saving drugs, and how to use supplies that they already carry on their trucks. Reassuring restraint methods are demonstrated to allow for safe and effective treatment and transport of the pet.



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