FIDO bags for furry friends in Fountain Hills

Jun 20, 2014

The Fountain Hills Times


FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - More and more as firefighters and emergency personnel arrive on the scene of an incident it is becoming a priority to give medical attention, after people, to pets that may be injured or ailing because of a fire or accident.

While paramedics and EMT are usually well equipped to handle emergency treatment of humans, it is not so much the case in regard to their furry friends.
To that end the Fetch Foundation, a nationwide organization, has set a goal of providing “FIDO” bags to all fire department vehicles in the nation.
Fetch representative Gail Buch, accompanied by her dog, Shadow, provided FIDO bags for each of the fire trucks operating in Fountain Hills.
“This equipment gives our pets the best chance of survival,” Buch said.
Fountain Hills resident Teresa Juetten-Iannacci, DVM, of the Animal Hospital at Terravita and her husband, Jerry, made the donation that provided bags for the Fountain Hills Fire Department.
The bags include an oxygen bag especially made to work with dogs and other small animals, gloves, a blanket, water bowl and leashes to help firefighters assist with a pet rescue.
There are also DVDs that provide training sessions for firefighters and medics in how to use the equipment and treat injured pets.
Fire Capt. Todd Brunin recalls a couple of instances in which they have had to revive pets overcome by smoke.
“We do what we can to revive them and get them to a veterinarian,” Brunin said. “Usually they will come around pretty quickly when you get them to fresh air.
“Unfortunately we have had a couple of instances where we were too late to help.”
Juetten-Iannacci said she would work with the department to provide training sessions for the crews in the use of the FIDO bag equipment and other basic emergency procedures for pets.

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